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"PUZZLING TIMES" 30x40" Giclée on canvas

Print size: 30 x 40″
Edition size: 500


–Framed version available below—



I never knew how serious people can be about doing crossword puzzles when I did this painting. Hence, I was not sure why it was suggested I place a pen and a pencil in the still life. I did find out how serious people can be when I attended the Annual Crossword Puzzle Tournament, held by the New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz. Really good players only use a pen….and they do these puzzles in a few minutes!
I created the painting with the the idea of double meanings and confusion. Besides the 2 different tools to fill out the puzzle, I also found some text in the paper underneath the game, that was about the Iraqi war-it seemed to be such a confusing time for our country. I even like the text on the newspaper in the top right. So with all that and the New York Times crossword puzzle, the title, I feel, is so appropriate. I can’t take credit for it though.
I like to put my wife’s initials in paintings if I can. This was easy. I just used her name as part of a clue.


These prints were meticulously matched to the original oil painting by Steve Mills and Hunter Editions.

All limited editions come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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